Transportation Solutions for getting to and getting around East Norfolk

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After arriving on the East Norfolk Coast there will be an amazing variety of stuff to see and do. But to see and do those things you’ll have to get around.

Norfolk Riviera had a large list of transport options that will get you from A to B, then C and even D.

Taxis are a great way of getting around from place to place, with the added benefit of local knowledge behind the wheel.

If you’re not quite sure where to go out, asking a local driver can always give you good ideas.

If you’re traveling a bit farther a field around Norfolk, the train or bus are also good ideas. You can easily plan your day and you can travel to places all over Norfolk quickly and often cheaply.

For a more personal touch Norfolk Riviera has details for both car, cycle and boat hire. So whether you want to drive along the beautiful country lanes, in search of quaint little Norfolk villages, cycle in the great outdoors or sail along the Broads looking for that waterside pub, Norfolk Riviera has every option.

We even list a number of walking routes, a great way to explore Norfolk and get a real taste of the beautiful East Norfolk Coast.