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Where is The Broads & What is The Broads all About then?

The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads are the UK’s biggest protected wetland and it’s 3rd largest inland waterway, giving ‘The Broads’ national park status. Situated in central to eastern Norfolk and North Suffolk, The Broads is a great place to appreciate nature. The Suffolk & Norfolk Broads are managed by the Broads Authority which was set up in 1989, with the modus operandi of being responsible for conservation, planning, recreation and waterways. Helping to protect the area for generations to come.

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Why Visit The Broads | A Suffolk & Norfolk Tourist Attraction

enjoy a holiday on the Suffolk & Norfolk Broads
The Suffolk & Norfolk Broads has a totally unique landscape of around 200 km of utterly lock free navigable river-ways, shallow lakes, fenlands, woods and acre upon acre of grazing marshes. The Broads is home to a massive variety of rare and special wildlife and plant life. The surrounding towns and villages offer a wealth of warm welcomes and exploring opportunities. Great for single adventurers, couples, and families, The Broads has something for everyone!

A bit of History About The Broads National Park

For lots of years The Broads were thought of as a natural feature of the English landscape. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Dr Joyce Lambert was able to prove that The Broads were indeed artificial features, and the effect of flooding on Mediaeval peat excavation sites. The Romans had first exploited the rich peat beds of the area for fuel purposes, and in the Middle Ages local monasteries started to excavate the peat lands as a central business activity. Then the sea levels started to rise, and the peat pits began to flood which resulted in the typical Broads landscape we know today, with its reed beds, grazing marshes and wet woodlands.

Map of The Broads National Park in the UK