Come & Visit Ancient Caister on Sea on the Norfolk Coast

Where is Caister on Sea & What is Caister in Norfolk all About?

Caister on Sea, known simply as Caister by the locals, is a seaside resort in the English county of Norfolk in the UK. Caister on Sea is positioned right on the coast, just 3 miles north of Great Yarmouth. Caister-on-Sea was recently re-classified as a small town, but technically still holds the title of being the most populated village in the whole of the UK.

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Why Visit Caister on Sea on the East Norfolk Seaside?

Caister on Sea has a rich ancient history and over a mile of sandy beaches and beach dunes to enjoy and explore. One of the most popular family holiday parks is located in Caister and this will be a great base from which to enjoy the great range of things to do in caister such as; visiting caister castle, The famous Caister soul weekender, Caister motor musuem & Casiter lifeboat station. Caister is also a great base from which to explore the Norfolk Broads, All the places in the Norfolk Riveira; like Great Yarmouth and all the places within the Suffolk Riviera.

A bit of History About Caister on Sea in Norfolk

Caister on Sea has a rich Roman history. The Romans first arrived in Caister in the 1st century AD. The actual name Caister-on-Sea comes from the Latin ‘castra’ which means castle, and Caister-on-Sea was the site of a Roman forts. A small section of this original site is managed by English Heritage which is open to the public and available to enjoy. The later, medieval Caister Castle which is actually in the adjacent parish of West Caister is another important piece of Caisters ancient history.

Map of Caister on Sea in Norfolk in the UK